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Best ABA Services in Florida

At Precision ABA Therapy, we are recognized as the best choice for ABA services in Florida. Offering ABA services in the format and environment that suits your child and lifestyle best, our services are geared toward helping your child develop specific skills and behaviors. From in-home therapy, to school based therapy, and more, our team is here for your child where and when they are needed most. 

In addition to offering ABA services for your child we support parents of children with ASD through ABA parent training to help you in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to become the greatest support for your child. With parent training you will be able to reinforce ABA principles at home, which can have an overall positive impact on the effectiveness of ABA therapy outcomes. 

Behavior Assessment
Our BCBA team conducts a variety of tests and observations to gather information about your child's behavior, skills, and abilities in order to create behavior treatment plan.
1:1 ABA treatment
Individualized, 1:1 ABA treatment provided in the child’s home, school, and/or community setting.
Comprehensive Targeting
Comprehensive curriculum targeting the improvement of socialization, communication, self-help, play, academics and more.
In Home ABA Therapy
Conducted right from the comfort of your home, in-home ABA therapy focuses on developing several different skills such as self care skills, language development, etc.
ABA Therapy in School
We provide your child with the focused support he/she needs to thrive both socially and academically at school.
ABA Parent Training
Parent training and participation in behavior intervention methods to help you support your child the best way possible.
Reduce challenging behaviors
Our BCBA provide safe techniques to reduce challenging or ineffective behaviors like self-injury, tantrums, disruptiveness, etc.
Facilitate play dates
From relational ABA playdates, sensory play, role playing, and more, we provide a safe space for children with autism to explore and connect with their peers.

We serve the State of Florida

When looking for ABA services in Florida you may find that you are presented with a few different options. However, not all companies that offer ABA services are qualified to do so. That is why you should always look for the proper certifications before enrolling your child in in-home therapy or school based therapy. And in Florida, we are the best!

At Precision ABA Therapy, our team is composed of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) that are highly trained and qualified to facilitate ABA therapy interventions. Adhering to strict requirements and standards set by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), we only use scientifically proven and tested methods when delivering effective ABA services. 

Your child deserves the best ABA services available–your child deserves Precision ABA Therapy! Let’s work together to unleash your child’s optimal potential. Contact us today to learn more about ABA services in Florida! 


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