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Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) tend to see the world a little bit differently than neurotypical children. Classified as a developmental disability, ASD can cause challenges for children in the areas of social interaction, cognitive function, and communication. Every child with autism is unique, and therefore has unique needs in the classroom.


As a parent of a child on the spectrum you likely worry about your child at school. But through school based ABA therapy services you can provide your child with the focused support he/she needs to thrive both socially and academically at school. Contact us today to chat with our behavioral analysts about school based ABA therapy in Florida and see why we are the preferred choice for ABA services in the state!  

School-based ABA Therapy: How It Works

Our school based ABA therapy support is designed to maximize your child’s ability to learn effectively at school by advancing several different skills such as group learning skills, social skills, communication, and more. Creating custom strategies that are tailored to help your child achieve his/her specific objectives, we implement innovative techniques that arm your child with the support required to flourish academically. 

While the goal of school based ABA therapy is to provide your child support, that often comes in the form of supporting teachers, school staff, and educators with ABA education. Our school based ABA therapy support for educators may include: 

  • Assistance with developing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and curriculum modifications. 
  • Comprehensive assessments and training sessions to determine the best course of action when supporting children with ASD in the classroom. 
  • Behavior consultations to observe classrooms and offer recommendations for creating a better learning environment for students with ASD. 

Board Certified Behavior Analysts That You Can Trust

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts are there to support children and school staff. By arming educators and children with the tools and resources they require in the classroom, we aim to improve school experiences for both parties. Adhering to the scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), we use the most effective and current strategies to teach educators how to best support children with ASD at school. This could mean the support of a student aide, conducting classroom behavioral assessments, IEP development, or all of the above depending on your child’s specific needs. 

At Precision ABA Therapy we are here to help your child thrive in academic settings according to their unique abilities. Contact us today to learn more about school based ABA therapy and other ABA therapy interventions for your child with autism!


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